Caught being Safe

"Caught being Safe" is a safety contest in its third year, which employees have been caught being safe on the job. Each school has a bulletin board in which people write down people being safe. In turn they get put into a drawing to see if they can win a gift card from Dunkin Doughnuts. The person being safe and the person catching them are entered to win a $5 Dunkin Doughnuts gift card. At the end of the year, they will be put into a bigger drawing for Hannaford card or gas card.

The winners for the Month of February 2020

LRVC - None

Transp - Andrea Kuvija, Line Mulcahy - Using ice cleats.

SPED - Deanna Keefe, Maureen Quinn - asking for help moving supplies

Adult Ed - Elaine Rowe, Madelyn Litz - Using ice cleats

LRMS - Jenny Cameron, Julia Schrader - Picked up loose tiles from stairs


SBES - Kelsey Disalvo, Tracy Mushrow - Using a step stool to reach items

LRHS - Erik Good, Shawne Hargis - Assisted stopping traffic so that walkers could cross


CO -

Monthly Safety Contest Drawing - January

LRVC - Kathiann Shorey, Colleen Nobert - Secured a spill area so no one would slip

Transp - Line Mulcahy, Gail Andrews - Using ice cleats


Adult Ed -

LRMS - Jenny Cameron, Jennifer Arsenault - Cleaned up spilled water so no one would slip



LRHS - Esther Watkins, Fran Phillips - Spreading sand on an icy area


CO - Becky Ingersoll, Julie Ridlon - getting a dolly for Steve