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Caught being Safe

  "Caught being Safe" is a safety contest in its third year, which employees have been caught being safe on the job.  Each school has a bulletin board in which people write down people being safe. In turn they get put into a drawing to see if they can win a gift card from Dunkin Doughnuts. The person being safe and the person catching them are entered to win a $5 Dunkin Doughnuts gift card.  At the end of the year, they will be put into a bigger drawing for Hannaford card or gas card.

The winners for the Month of February 2017


Transp - Rogina Pendexter, Line Mulcahy - Wearing cleats.

SPED - Deanna Keefe, Dan Kimball - picking up 5 gallon water bottle with her legs and not her back.

Adult Ed - None

LRMS - Jan Condon, Linda Dutil - using a dolly to move a heavy box.

SES - Eileen Mains, Anita Quinlan - Sanding

SBES - Betsy Maher, Corinne Davis - safely using ladder to remove items from the wall.

LRHS - Nancy Irish, Josh Arris - moved boxes out of entry way so people wouldn’t trip.

SLS - Dick Doble, Janice Shanks - picking up fruit pieces off the lobby floor so kids wouldn’t slip.

CO - Cathy Gerrish, Julie Ridlon - asking for help with heavy boxes that were above her head.