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The Maine Warden Service is reminding anglers, snowmobilers and others who like to recreate on Maine’s lakes and ponds in the winter that ice conditions on many waterways throughout the state right now may not be safe to hold themselves or heavy equipment and vehicles.


Slips and Falls
Preventing slips and falls needs to be a top priority, as they are a leading cause of injury and death. Even a thin coating of ice or even frozen dew can create a treacherous walking environment.
Create a slip and fall prevention plan that discusses responsibilities and actions for all areas of the organization.
Have adequate ice melt, salt, and shovels ready and pre-positioned where needed.
Monitor walk-off mats to ensure that snow, slush, water, salt and sand are removed as people enter the facilities. Clean mats as necessary with a wet-dry vacuum between professional cleanings.
Make sure employees are performing their duties of snow removal, ice melt treatment and sanding as necessary.

10 Steps to a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Understand how a safety and healthy workplace benefits workers, families, businesses, and the community.
Know your responsibilities for keeping a safe and healthy workplace.
Develop a system for organizing safety and health efforts.
Know the laws and regulations for the work you do.
Address specific workplace hazards and have regular saving meetings.
Cultivate a safety culture with mutual respect and open communication
Celebrate your accomplishments and defer OSHA inspections with SHARP or other recognition events.
Find out the best solutions to safety and health problems.
Ask questions about workplace safety and health.
Get help. Keeping a workplace safe and healthy is not something you can do alone.